F E E L    T H E    P O W E R
ROCKBOX is lcentral Pennsylvania's top high-energy variety band, performing classic & southern rock, country, pop and current hits.

The 4-MAN band tours  throughout the Northeast, performing at a variety of venues, reaching a wide audience while touring with state-of-the-art  digital sound & lighting systems.  The band delivers top-shelf vocals, rock-solid musicianship and an arsenal of musical flexability.  There is something for everyone to love.

ROCKBOX delivers what you expect from LIVE music.
GREAT vocals!!!  FANTASTIC musicians !!!  FABULOUS experience !!!

Feel the POWER....Join the FAMILY....Experience "live" music as its BEST !!!
Brian Steager - guitars | vocals     Chris Hicks - drums | vocals    Dave Snyder - bass | vocals    Donnie Knaub - guitars  | vocals
high-energy   rock   |  classic |  country  |  pop